Flavonoids as taxonomic markers in some cocosoid palms


Flavonoid surveys of hydrolysed and direct leaf extracts of fifty two cocosoid palms revealed tricin, glycoflavones, proanthocyanidins, quercetin, flavonoid sulphates, isorhamnetin, and luteolin as regular constituents; present in 87, 77, 53, 47, 36, 26 and 26% of species, respectively. Kaempferol was found in 15% of the sample and apigenin in only one taxon ofAttalea. Attalea andSyagrus were chemically heterogeneous groups. The flavonoid evidence suggested the removal ofPolyandrocosus from theAllagoptera unit, the recognition of twoMaximiliana species, the separation ofArecastrum andArikuryroba fromSyagrus and thatJubaea was closer toButia thanJubaeopsis. Five morphologically similar Central AmericanScheelea species were distinguished by their flavonoid profiles.


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